Do more with products you can count on.

Product Supply

BBE proudly distributes products that allow you to perform more reliably, more sustainably and/or more economically. We continuously work with our clients to ensure we are delivering value to their operations through new products, processes and procedure innovations. Our approach is focused on maximizing client satisfaction in a social, financial and environmental manner. So no matter your industry, let us help you get the products you can count on.

Industrial Product Supply

Whether our clients are in trucking, heavy construction, marine, mining, oil and gas or infrastructure operations, our industrial product supply offers performance you can count on, quality you can trust and a network to ensure you have access to product where and when it’s needed.

Mobil Lubricants branded distributor

BBE has been Imperial Oil’s licensed distributor of Mobil lubricants across Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, since 2016. Through our network of sub-distributors, partnership with IOL and an expert logistics team, we provide our clients with a service offering that proves its value through performance.

Standing order management or ad hoc category sourcing

We offer Standing Order Management and Ad Hoc Category Sourcing services which includes our team managing recurring orders, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of goods over time. For Ad Hoc Category Sourcing, we adeptly source and manage procurement for specific categories on a flexible, as-needed basis, tailoring our approach to meet the needs of each client. Whether for routine, recurring orders or specialized, one-off sourcing needs, know BBE has you covered.

Third party procurement and sourcing services

BBE is able to act as an intermediary, effectively sourcing and procuring goods or services on behalf of our clients. By offering this service we are able to provide our clients a skilled procurement team they can rely on, ensuring efficient and cost-effective acquisition while they can continue to focus on their core operations. That means less down time for you and access to our vast network of external suppliers.

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How it Works

Maximizing our connected service offerings

At BBE, we excel in managing extensive, multi-modal supply chains, offering comprehensive support from initial planning to flawless execution. Connecting directly to our team of experts gets you started with a hands on approach that then allows for self-serve as needed.

Performance Products

End-to-end management to get you more of what you need

It takes a lot to keep your business running smooth, your operations efficient and your clients happy. The products that help with all of this need to be sourced, purchased, routed and delivered securely, that’s where we come in. No matter your location, local, remote or global, BBE has an expert network of distribution partners and suppliers we can access to get you what you need, when you need it.

Bulk resupply (Sealift & Winter Road) order management, packing and shipments

As a supply chain partner, we offer Bulk Resupply services through Sealift and Winter Road logistics. We manage the entire process, from order coordination and management to expert packing and efficient shipment. Leveraging our expertise and distribution network, we make sure that bulk resupply shipments are strategically planned and executed, optimizing the use of both Sealift and Winter Road transportation methods for reliable and timely deliveries.

Dust/Blokr dust suppressant & soil stabilizer branded distribution

BBE is proud to market and distribute Cypher Environmental’s line of eco-friendly products including Dust Stop, EartZyme and a road de-icing agent across Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. BBE is excited to be partnered with such an innovative Canadian firm in this space, and being able to provide this product to our clients across the Territories.

Perishable Food Orders

Partnering with BBE on your supply chain means entrusting the distribution of perishable food items to a dedicated and experienced team. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we ensure that your perishable goods reach their destination in optimal condition, limiting delays, waste, frustrations and costs.

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Your Trusted Partner

Product Supply Services, beyond expectations

As your Supply Chain partner, we’re committed to the end-to-end management and facilitation of procuring and delivering the products you need. This often includes sourcing, procurement, inventory management, order fulfillment, and transportation logistics to ensure your supply chain is running smooth. Whether in need of lubricants, filters, environmental products or something more, we are here to help go above and beyond on all your product-related needs.

A suite of skills to travel the globe

While we excel in product supply, we know that it takes an even larger range of expertise to meet today’s supply chain needs. That’s why our team is filled with experts in all areas of Supply Chain management.