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We’re proud of our history and success in managing even the most intricate logistics challenges. With origins in the Canadian North, our roots started our logistics services with the navigation of some of the most complex terrains. These opportunities not only fueled our growth but sparked our adaptability.

Passionately taking on diverse logistical challenges, we not only overcome them but embrace the valuable learnings they provide along the way. No matter where you are in your supply chain, we will not only meet you, but support you, steer you and manage everything from creation to consumption. We're here to deliver.

Cargo Consolidation: Receiving & Storage

Leveraging our experience and network, BBE ensures the efficient consolidation of cargo, optimizing storage solutions for streamlined transportation and distribution. Our clients benefit from our detailed approach that addresses every aspect of cargo management, from initial receipt to secure storage, ensuring a smooth and well-organized logistics process.

Cargo Profiling

BBE offers cargo profiling services, a valuable tool in gathering intelligence that can allow you to stay on top of your distribution patterns and pivot if needed. By benchmarking your cargo profile against industry and logistical standards, we are able to gather insights to make more informed decisions. Profiling can often be revealing and shine a light on potential improvements in service, packaging, rates, contracts, and carrier selection. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to assist clients in optimizing their freight operations, enhancing efficiency, and sourcing carriers that better align with their specific needs.

Route Risk & Cost Analysis

Our proficiency extends to Route Risk & Cost Analysis, where we meticulously evaluate and optimize transportation routes. By employing our in-house expertise, we identify potential risks and assess the associated costs, allowing for strategic decision-making that enhances overall logistics efficiency. This analytical and real people approach ensures that our clients benefit from well-informed route planning, minimizing risks and optimizing cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain.

Remote Cargo Services

BBE specializes in remote cargo services, extending our logistical capabilities to reach even the most distant and challenging locations. Leveraging our extensive network and experience, we are able to ensure the timely and secure delivery of goods through various transportation modes, including winter road and sealift resupply. We started by navigating the Canadian north. It taught us a lot and since then we’ve had four decades of taking on unique challenges and landscapes. If it looks tough, give us a turn.

Cargo Tracking & Management, even Out-of-Gauge

BBE is a leader in managing Cold Chain and High-Value Cargo, guaranteeing the safe transport of temperature-sensitive and valuable merchandise. Moreover, our Integrated Cargo Tracking seamlessly interfaces with client and carrier systems, offering immediate visibility and control throughout the entirety of the shipping journey. Handling oversized cargo is no challenge for us; we excel in managing large shipments.

Cargo Survey & Ship Chandler Services

Ship Chandler services are crucial to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of vessels while in port—that’s where we come in. We are proud to help coordinate a range of logistics including customs clearance, and other support functions to meet the specific needs of our maritime clients. With the ability to provide cargo surveys, we will also make sure to provide you with the report and certificate you need to control the quality and quantity of your cargo.

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How it Works

Keep growing. Expand globally. Stress less.

We understand the complexities with trying to coordinate shipments around the world. It’s rarely ever a straight line from point A to point B, but that shouldn’t mean you have to pause your growth. Partnering on your supply chain is what we do. We remove the headaches, provide the connections, limit the issues and assure you full transparency . We’re a partner you can trust and we don’t take our role lightly. We recognize that you are making promises to your clients, so it’s our privilege to make your guarantees a reality.

We’ve got you covered from beginning to end.

Raw materials to finished goods; we get products to their destination.

Skilled in Logistics Management, we utilize our vast network of experienced partners to manage your supply chain from production to delivery. Our logistic services encompass overseeing the coordination of your cargo, no matter how remote or even out-of-gauge, including receiving and storage. From there we provide both route risk and cost analysis, along with integrated cargo tracking so you can feel confident your products will get to their destination. From the point of origin to the point of consumption, we’re a partner you can trust to manage the entire journey.


As experts, we meticulously manage the complex environments required by our clients’ delicate merchandise. With unwavering attention to detail from the moment we take custody of a product to its final delivery, we ensure its integrity.

Global Experts

Our profound expertise in navigating the unique challenges of Northern climates sets us apart. Yet, whether traversing the North, South, or crisscrossing Canada, our track record speaks for itself—we consistently deliver with unwavering proficiency.


We understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a diverse range of service lines and tailor-made solutions, ensuring that we consistently deliver the level of service you anticipate.

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Your Trusted Partner

Logistic Services, beyond expectations

Our commitment to excellence means delivering more than just shipments; it’s about providing tailored solutions, personalized care, and seamless execution. With BBE, your logistics experience becomes a journey of reliability, efficiency, and exceeding expectations at every turn.

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While we excel in Logistics, we know it takes a suite of services to traverse the globe. Experts in all areas of Supply Chain Management, explore our entire service line-up.