You say where and when and we’ll take care of the how.

Freight Forwarding

As your supply chain partner, we love nothing more than taking on a supply chain challenge head on. Our freight forwarding solutions can take on even the most complex cargo by utilizing our extensive network, giving you access to every corner of the globe.

As a multimodal company, we utilize air, land, ice, or sea—whatever works best for your needs. But what really sets us apart is our personalized approach, offering solutions specifically tailored to your requirements. Not only will we find you a customized route but we believe in clear and reliable communication throughout the entire process. With the check-ins you want to see and handled with the care you’d expect, BBE is the partner you can rely on to make your shipping experience smooth, efficient, and worry-free.

Customs Facilitation

BBE provides customs facilitation services, streamlining the process of clearing goods through customs. Our expertise allows us to provide efficient and compliant navigation of customs regulations, minimizing delays and ensuring the smooth flow of shipments across international borders.

Dangerous Goods Transport

BBE is an expert in dangerous goods transport, seamlessly incorporating this specialized service into our comprehensive freight forwarding solutions. With meticulous handling and adherence to safety protocols, we ensure the secure and compliant transportation of hazardous materials for our clients.

Procurement of Transportation

We excel in transportation procurement as part of our freight forwarding service, leveraging our experience and expertise to secure efficient and reliable transportation options. With a focus on tailored solutions, we make sure our clients benefit from a streamlined procurement process that meets your unique logistics needs.

Cargo Tracking & Management, even Out-of-Gauge

BBE specializes in Cold Chain & High-Value Cargo Management, providing the secure transportation of temperature-sensitive and valuable goods. Additionally, our Integrated Cargo Tracking seamlessly connects with both client and carrier systems, providing real-time visibility and control throughout the entire shipping process. Out-of-gauge? No problem; we are experts in managing sizeable cargo.

AOG or Hotshot Service

If you are in need of AOG (Aircraft on Ground) or Hotshot services, BBE is able to swiftly address urgent transportation needs as part of our freight forwarding solutions. Leveraging a responsive and dedicated approach, we provide rapid and reliable delivery, minimizing downtime for critical components and time-sensitive shipments.

Ship Chandler Services

Ship Chandler services are crucial to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of vessels while in port—that’s where we come in. We are proud to help coordinate a range of goods, including provisions, spare parts, cleaning supplies, and other necessities that crews may require. Additionally, our ship chandler services can even extend to coordinating logistics, customs clearance, and other support functions to meet the specific needs of our maritime clients.

Sealift Service

With a keen understanding of maritime logistics, we are able to ensure efficient and reliable transportation of goods via sea-lift, catering to the specialized requirements of our clients.

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How it Works

Flexible Self-Managed or Managed Services

The choice is yours!
Have our team manage the complexities of your job, or coordinate everything online via our self-serve option. We offer both. An easy-to-use dashboard with everything you need in one place, or our team of experienced real people, there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hard to reach, extra sensitive, needed asap? We got you.

It’s when things look impossible that we really shine.

BBE excels in providing freight forwarding solutions tailored for the hard-to-reach destinations, extra-sensitive cargo, and time-critical deliveries that clients demand. With a specialized focus on navigating challenging logistics scenarios, BBE ensures the safe and timely transportation of goods, meeting the unique requirements of each shipment. It’s why clients keep turning to us for their freight shipping services, we have the will and we continuously find a way.

Expert Team

Our team is well versed, passionate and quite frankly, feisty. We don’t turn away when things look tough, instead, we rally, we pivot, and we problem-solve. With over 40 years of experience, we have the in-house expertise to always charge ahead.

Global Network

We’ve spent years building robust partnerships across the globe. Our 700+ network suppliers help us to deliver unparalleled solutions, ensuring a journey of uninterrupted efficiency and client satisfaction.

Technology driven

With technology as our compass, we navigate the ever-evolving supply chain landscape, ensuring cutting-edge solutions that propel both our clients and our operations to new heights.

ISO, CEIV Pharma, and CIFFA Certified

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on various certifications, demonstrating our commitment to providing quality, safety, security, compliance and reach.

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Your Trusted Partner

Freight Forwarding, beyond expectations

BBE is a trusted freight forwarding partner for clients across various industries. Our clients work with us not just for our logistics expertise, but for the assurance of a reliable and tailored freight solution that meets the unique needs of their industry.

With a longstanding history of successful cargo solutions, it has been our personalized approach and dedicated team that helps deliver beyond expectations.

Explore all that we can do

While we excel in Freight Forwarding, we know it takes a suite of services to traverse the globe. Experts in all areas of Supply Chain Management, we encourage you to explore our entire service line-up.