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When it comes to the transportation industry, there is a wide range of needs, services and modes—air, land, rail or sea. Luckily, we have experience with it all. Experts in AOG and critical spare parts 24/7 expediting, our dedicated team ensures transportation providers have essential components, maximizing operational uptime. Additionally, we specialize in third-party aviation support, offering access to vital supplies for remote clients, delivered efficiently through our extensive supplier network and licensed distribution agreements.

AOG & 24/7 Expediting, including Freight Forwarding 

Our 24/7 expediting team is always available and working to ensure our transportation providers have what they need to maximize their up time. In addition, we can offer any of our transportation clients Freight Forwarding services, coordinating everything needed to deliver your shipments across international borders.

Cargo Agency & Ground Handling

BBE has been providing transportation companies with third party aviation support services in the Canadian Arctic since 1977. Our network of strategically located facilities ensure we can get your cargo anywhere, on time and intact. From cargo inspections and custom clearances to making sure the right shipments make it to the right planes, we’ve got you covered.

Purchasing, Chandler & Supply Services

BBE provides northern and remote clients access to supply requirements that are unavailable in their operating region. Through our extensive network of suppliers and under licensed distribution agreements, we deliver what our transport industry clients need, when they need it – provisions, lubricants, filters, MRO (maintenance, repair and operations supplies), to name a few.

Why Choose BBE

En route with you every step of the way

Our dedicated team expedites tirelessly to ensure transportation providers have vital components, thus maximizing their operational uptime. We specialize in third-party aviation support and bridge supply gaps for northern and remote clients, leveraging our extensive network.

CIFFA Certified and WCA Agent

Since our certification in 2014, we have established a robust global network, collaborating with top-tier carriers worldwide to guarantee timely deliveries for our customers, regardless of whether they originate domestically or internationally.

Controlled Goods Certification

Regulated by the Controlled Goods Program and guided by its stringent protocols, we uphold excellence in our operations while demonstrating our unwavering dedication to handling the most sensitive goods within the country.

ISO 9001 Certification

This quality management certification serves as the cornerstone for our development efforts, motivating our dedicated team while continuously refining and improving our supply chain operations.

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Your Trusted Partner

Keeping things moving

A pause in production, a backlog in orders, and a delay in deliveries are all costly—but with our experience in managing transportation supply chains, we help get you what you need, when you need it. With the network to help you reach both global and remote markets and the services to allow things to speed up or slow down, BBE helps manufacturers, dealers, repairs or suppliers stabilize costs. Purchasing, expediting or ground services, we are equipped to keep things moving.

Our Transportation Supply Chain Services

BBE delivers comprehensive transportation logistics solutions, prioritizing AOG (Aircraft on Ground) and critical spare parts expediting services available 24/7.

Freight Forwarding

Whether by air, sea, or land, our freight forwarding services guarantee the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of your goods, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


Sometimes the biggest roadblock is time. We’ve worked hard to get around that. Offering expedited shipping means you can get what you need, exactly when you need it.


Our logistics management ensures there is a dedicated and experienced team overseeing your cargo. Whether storing, warehousing, procurement or distribution, our logistic services have you covered.

Product Supply

Our product distribution services include the storing, packing and delivery of your products direct to your end-user. Our team will handle all the logistics needed to get your goods delivered to their destination.

Move beyond boundaries

BBE has the expertise and connections to get your industry connected. Explore how we can help your industry with our supply chain services.