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From the initial stages of exploration to the comprehensive process of remediation, we offer streamlined supply chain support, ensuring that your operations navigate these hurdles seamlessly.

Freight Verification

We verify the accuracy of incoming freight ensuring the correct quantity and quality of your cargo.

Customized client reporting

Transparency is important; our customized client reporting provides you with a line of sight on your supply chain needs.

Last mile logistics

BBE provides last-mile logistics, getting your goods to their destination through detailed execution and route optimization.

Inventory Management

Transparency across the supply chain is crucial for optimizing on-site inventory management, and enhancing efficiency in operations.

Why Choose BBE

BBE offers longstanding experience

With years of experience and ability, we are more than a supply chain solution provider—we are your dedicated ally in conquering the challenges of the mining industry with professionalism, dynamism, and seamless connectivity.

Cost effective & transparent logistics

The seamless flow of essential equipment and components directly influences operational efficiency and production output. We pride ourselves on strategic operating procedures that align with the unique needs of your business, focusing on supply chain performance and transparency throughout.

Quick Turnaround

Facing the complexities of each project and the often tight timelines, we remain proactive in anticipating our client’s needs, delivering the necessary assets where they need to be when they are needed.

Vendor & carrier Management

We manage the middle. While your team focuses on the work, BBE focuses on managing the multitude of carriers and vendors working to support the completion of your project on time and within budget.

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Your Trusted Partner

We’re up to the challenge

In the face of challenges posed by commodity price fluctuations, seasonal access limitations, transportation infrastructure deficits, and evolving workforce demographics, BBE stands as a beacon of support for the mining industry.

Our Mining Services

Our scope of work encompasses thorough verification of freight, strategic warehousing through our extensive supply chain networks, and the precise delivery of freight to specified locations exactly when needed.

Freight Forwarding

Whether by air, sea, or land, our freight forwarding services guarantee the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of your goods, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


Sometimes the biggest roadblock is time. We’ve worked hard to get around that. Offering expedited shipping means you can get what you need, exactly when you need it.


Our logistics management ensures there is a dedicated and experienced team overseeing your cargo. Whether storing, warehousing, procurement or distribution, our logistic services have you covered.

Product Supply

Our product distribution services include the storing, packing and delivery of your products direct to your end-user. Our team will handle all the logistics needed to get your goods delivered to their destination.

We go beyond transport

From land to sea, from mining to pharma we do it all. Explore the other industries we serve and connect with us to learn more.