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We excel in collaborating with governments to streamline your supply chain, recognizing the inherent complexities involved in the government sector. With bureaucratic hurdles and multi-agency involvement, efficient planning is crucial to avoid delays, errors, and disruptions in the supply chain flow. Leveraging our experience and tailored services, BBE offers governments the expertise and support needed to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of goods and services for public benefit.

Purchasing & sourcing services

Proudly providing governments with access to supply requirements via as-and-when or standing order arrangements. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we focus on delivering products on spec and on time.

Winter road & sealift services

Our full-service supply chain team provides local and regional governments with supply, offsite receiving, packaging and shipping services to destinations across Canada’s North.

Medical devices & pharmaceutical delivery

BBE is a CEIV certified pharmaceutical services provider. Serving both government agencies and accredited suppliers, we are able to source & deliver temperature-sensitive medical devices and pharmaceutical products to the most remote communities in Canada’s Arctic and rural provincial communities.

Logistics & freight forwarding

We have a network of ground and air carriers to mobilize cargo from vendors to ports and airports of departure. Rely on us to ensure that all cargo is consolidated and packaged appropriately for the chosen mode of transport. We account for multiple handling and the specific requirements of the destination, such as northern supply chain and climate considerations.

Why Choose BBE

You have a difficult task; let us help lighten the load

Serving the public can be demanding; with regular disruptions and pressures, governments must act quickly. That's where we come in. We are ready to help deliver the goods and services your communities rely on. Whether building infrastructure supports or responding to a health pandemic, we can help to confidently procure, coordinate, manage and deliver.

Remain resilient in times of disruption

In times of disruption there is little time to act. Utilize our vast network of suppliers to get what you need where and when you need it. Experienced in purchasing and sourcing services for both the calm and complex demands, including emergency, disaster or health responding.

Deliver value to the public

Creating thriving communities with the goods and services the public expects is important. With our winter road and sealift services, we are able to help you service even the most remote communities. From building supplies to health products and equipment, we help you deliver for your communities.

Meet your objectives

You’ve set a plan, a budget, made promises. We can help you to achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish for your constituents. Our freight forwarding services and logistics management means you can keep pace with demands while we find the most optimal methods of shipment and provide you complete transparency for peace of mind and budgeting.

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Your Trusted Partner

Maintain product integrity and meet public demands

Governments have been turning to our team of supply chain experts for years. With experience navigating complex and multimodal shipments, reaching the most remote markets and transporting beyond fragile and temperature sensitive health products, we’ve become a partner governments can rely on. We understand the pressures you’re under and partner with you to not only deliver but alleviate stresses along the way.

Our Government Supply Chain Services

Whether your shipping needs are big or small, simple or complex, fragile or durable, and even leisurely or time-sensitive, we provide the services necessary to meet your supply chain requirements. Proudly collaborating with governments at all levels, allow us to assist you in effectively delivering for your constituents.

Freight Forwarding

Whether by air, sea, or land, our freight forwarding services guarantee the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of your goods, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


Sometimes the biggest roadblock is time. We’ve worked hard to get around that. Offering expedited shipping means you can get what you need, exactly when you need it.


Our logistics management ensures there is a dedicated and experienced team overseeing your cargo. Whether storing, warehousing, procurement or distribution, our logistic services have you covered.

Product Supply

Our product distribution services include the storing, packing and delivery of your products direct to your end-user. Our team will handle all the logistics needed to get your goods delivered to their destination.

Government, defense, energy, and more

We provide supply chain solutions to a wide range of industries. Discover how we can help your organization thrive with our network of suppliers.