Our comprehensive services encompass deploying field professionals on-site, proficient inventory management, expediting processes, freight consolidations, and expert customs handling.


Offshore projects require highly reliable and robust support. BBE manages the offshore supply chain from logistics, equipment and infrastructure—from Arctic offshore support to upstream activities.

Foreign Markets

The complexities of international logistics are managed by the experts at BBE through our connected supply chain network.

Oil and Gas Project Logistics

BBE’s supply chain management includes freight receiving, storage consolidation and transport from offshore to upstream—we support all the in between.

Inventory Management

Maintaining inventory visibility is essential. This involves ensuring timely vendor payments, verifying complete order receipts, and efficiently tracking transit times to facilitate streamlined on-site workflows.

Why Choose BBE

BBE delivers with Energy

Our team of dedicated international freight forwarders specialize in understanding the unique requirements of oil and gas export. Navigating the complexities of importation in foreign markets, they provide seamless documentation services, ensuring the smooth flow of your equipment across borders.

Cost effective & transparent logistics

Establishing resilient supply chains, frequently extending into remote regions, is imperative for optimizing production capabilities. Ensuring cost-effective logistics and fostering visibility into the supply chain with pertinent data is critical, enabling informed decision-making to support operational efficiency.

Indigenous Engagement & Diversity

BBE has four very active indigenous partnerships in Canada. Our leadership is majority female with Indigenous ownership, which makes us a diverse group in our thinking and our behaviours.

CIFFA Certified and WCA Agent

BBE is proud to be a member of CIFFA, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association. Certified in 2014, we provide global reach, networking with great carriers around the globe to ensure that our customer’s deliveries are met—no matter whether it’s a domestic or international origin.

Your Trusted Partner

Deliver where needed

BBE stands as a trusted partner for energy companies, addressing their intricate supply chain needs not only across Canada but on a global scale. From providing vital support in the Arctic offshore to facilitating upstream activities, We are unwavering in delivering supply chain solutions in the most challenging and remote locations.

Our Energy Services

At BBE, we thrive on overcoming challenges, ensuring that your energy projects are not only well-supported but also executed with a dynamic and connected approach.

Freight Forwarding

Whether by air, sea, or land, our freight forwarding services guarantee the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of your goods, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations.


Sometimes the biggest roadblock is time. We’ve worked hard to get around that. Offering expedited shipping means you can get what you need, exactly when you need it.


Our logistics management ensures there is a dedicated and experienced team overseeing your cargo. Whether storing, warehousing, procurement or distribution, our logistic services have you covered.

Product Supply

Our product distribution services include the storing, packing and delivery of your products direct to your end-user. Our team will handle all the logistics needed to get your goods delivered to their destination.

Your industry is now connected

We provide supply chain solutions to more than the Energy sector. Discover how we can help your industry thrive in a global marketplace.