Vendors – User Manual

Learn how to use BBE’s online platform as a vendor.

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The user can pull reports about their usage of BBE’s online self-serve system.  Current Reports: Page Layout Troubleshooting and Tips […]

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International Shipments

When shipping internationally, input the broker details of the broker that will be used within the shipping process. Also input […]

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Shipment/Contact History

1. Shipment History To see the details of your previously shipped items, use Shipment History. It will take you to […]

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Shipping and Tracking

Shipping To Ship Now you will need to enter in the Origin and Destination information. STEP BY STEP Troubleshooting and […]

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Generating and Saving Quotes

Quotes 1. Quote – Generating A Quote The Quote function allows you to generate a quote for your package. Step […]

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How To Use Your Dashboard

1. Customer Login Go to or Step by Step 2. Dashboard Dashboard has the following functionality: Troubleshooting and […]

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How to Access Support

Includes contact information, hours of operation and troubleshooting tips.

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