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Backed by years of industry experience, we are a leader in providing comprehensive supply chain solutions. Specializing in multimodal transport, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether by air, sea, ice, road, or rail, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of global logistics.

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Our Mission & Vision
We successfully move a lot more freight today, more efficiently than yesterday, by land, air, ice and sea (& technology!)

Our vision is to be your supply chain partner, helping network the world.

Backed by years of experience

We’ve been shipping products, equipment and supplies since 1977. That's four decades of unwavering commitment and knowledge. No matter your industry, including mining, pharmaceutical, energy, construction or any other, we have the experience you need to feel sure your cargo will arrive secure.

Supplier Network
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$5 Mil
Annual spend with Indigenous suppliers
Countries Served
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Our certifications 
& memberships

We understand the importance of strong partnerships. We have forged strategic alliances with key players in the industry to enhance our capabilities and extend our global reach. These partnerships enable us to provide you with a network of reliable and efficient transport solutions that drive your business forward.

Meet BBE
Our Leadership Team

We’re not just a company; we’re real people excelling at what we do.

Behind every successful supply chain is a team of dedicated professionals, and here at BBE, we take pride in our people. Our team is composed of industry experts who are committed to understanding your unique challenges and delivering personalized solutions.

Heather Stewart

Passion drives excellence in our work. I believe that my work and the way I do things are the visible products of my passion. The changes in the industry excite and unite us. Our team inspires me. Together we pour ourselves into solving a problem, designing and implementing new solutions for us, our partners, and our clients. It’s more than work, it’s an adventure.  The role I play today is built from the roles I’ve done at BBE throughout the years. Starting in the warehouse as a Receiver, to Freight Forwarder, to Project Logistics, to Management and now Leadership. Each role has taught me valuable lessons in customer care and helped me grow into who I’ve become.

My favorite quote is “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.’ Benjamin Franklin. I am a natural problem solver, which has served me well in this business. I love planning for the future and imaging ways to create a strong supply chain that adapts in a world full of constant change.

Brent Willett
Digital Enablement

As Digital Enablement, I am responsible for delivering and implementing digital changes across the business. Working with the entire team as we move toward implementing awesome solutions for customers drives me forward. I am passionate about supporting the most complex supply chain needs in a digital space. When I’m not working, I am captivated by the complexity of working on and racing my own cars at the track.

Rita Becker
VP, Finance

I love all the connectedness of the supply chain industry – it’s like a puzzle with multiple points where cargo and information have to connect in order to complete the full picture. I am the VP Finance at BBE and have been with BBE since 2005. I was drawn to apply at BBE because it matched my northern arctic experience and my love of travel and global exposure. I enjoy how every year is different in my role as we continuously change and evolve as a business.

In my spare time, I love to travel and have been to 32 countries. While travelling, I like to scuba dive, cycle, ski, camp, hike, and try out new cuisine.

Sean Gray
VP, Business Development

My passion for supply chain is for the opportunity we are given in the process to positively improve our end user’s experience. By bringing our brand of supply chain to their challenges and then seeing the positive impact it makes for those we serve, that is what drives me.

My main role is listening to new and existing stakeholders then collaborating on solutions that reduce our client’s risk and stress, wherever their supply chain begins or ends. More importantly I am fortunate in this role that allows me time to share learnings from a lot of mistakes, a few successes, that our team will be wiser for it and our client’s benefit from it.

My work with BBE started over two decades ago when it was apparent that logistics was a perfect atmosphere to recover from burnout! Best decision ever! The people I have been fortunate to work with; clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues, the challenges we have overcome, the friendships forged in time.

“Talents sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling.” -Bill Belichick

Aaron Collins
Director, Logistics

The most interesting part of Supply Chain for me is how critical it is for our customers; they live and work in very remote and hard to reach places with challenging and limited transportation options. They are depending on us to deliver everything they need from food to essential equipment.

Right now I’m overseeing our warehouse team that processes and consolidates freight for our remote mining customers and also specialize in large and complex supply chain projects.

I didn’t plan a career in Supply Chain but I started in the warehouse and found I liked the fast paced problem solving while supporting remote mining industry. This lead me in to the direction of larger project logistics and how we connect the North with the rest of the world, working on marine sealift and winter load resupply.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” – Sun Tzu

Samantha Enns
Senior Manager, Freight Forwarding

My name is Samantha Enns, and I am the Senior Manager, Freight Forwarding. I have been in the Supply Chain world in multiple roles for the last 12 years. I am passionate about working in Supply Chain because no day is ever the same and the constant changes make it exciting! There’s always lots of challenges and opportunities for issues and I love risk mitigation and problem solving.

I started my career working with an airline in Iqaluit, Nunavut and my love for the North and logistics started there back in 2012. My favourite hobby or past time would be to spend time at a spa – it balances out my fast-paced work with relaxation and quiet.

Vishal Biradi
Manager, Product Supply

The Supply Chain was intriguing to me when I first heard about it. As I started to learn more about it from business perspective and from day-to-day standpoint, I became even more curious. I became passionate about it after reading some of the business studies in school; how supply chain is at the core of all businesses from Manufacturing to FMCG, from health care to defense. After joining BBE I learned a lot more about supply chain, areas where I was not exposed to, like sourcing and logistics to remote areas and challenges that come with it.

I work as a Product Supply Manager at BBE, in charge of sourcing and procurement along with managing distribution product line of the business. After my tenure in Oil & Gas, I came across job opening with BBE for Procurement Specialist which I was interested in, after the interview process, I was even more interested to join the company after hearing the values, the vision and what they do for the communities up north. This led me to BBE, which encourages growth which in turn led me to the manager role.

My favourite place to travel is UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi as it’s a place dearest to my wife and we have family there. We always have a good time there with nice warm weather and great food to enjoy.

Heather Watson
Manager, Human Resources

I am excited every day that I get to work with and help our amazing team excel in their roles and that effort translates into happy customers who are confident in BBE’s services. I also love that I can work across the entire organization and see how each team strives for and exceeds their goals.

I am fortunate to be a part of BBE in the role of Human Resources Manager. I am excited to have the opportunity to help others achieve their career goals and be able to play a part in developing and sustaining a healthy, inclusive culture at BBE.

Luck led me to BBE! When I met with Heather and Rita initially, I was encouraged to see strong, compassionate leadership and a company that was doing more than just talking the talk – they walk the walk and expect others to follow their example. I admire this greatly.

My favourite travel spot is large, busy cities with amazing architecture, museums, and delicious foods! New York tops the list so far!

L.C. Chen
Accounting Controller 

I am L.C. Chen, Accounting Controller of BBE. Growing up in Guangzhou, China, one of the busiest hubs of foreign trades in the world, I witnessed how globalization and international trades transformed lives of millions. To an extent, it also influenced my interest in connecting with different cultures, solving their needs, and finding common ground. I spent 9 years servicing accounting and financial needs in different industries while pursuing CPA designation, before BBE opened doors for me to enter the Supply Chain world. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, and more recently spending time with my 2 sons.

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Joint Ventures

Our partnerships in Northern Canada

With roots in the North, we provide Northerners seamless connection to a global marketplace. Purposeful connections are the lifeblood of remote communities. They don’t just make for great strategy—they’re a matter of survival. For over 40 years we’ve been fostering mutually beneficial relationships between communities, businesses, employees, clients and partners so we can connect people with what they need, no matter the time and place.

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Our Services

We go beyond transport

It’s when things look impossible where we really shine. As leaders in the industry, we specialize in Freight Forwarding, Expediting, Air Cargo, Product Supply solutions, and Logistic services. Our seasoned professionals leverage cutting-edge technology to seamlessly navigate the complexities of global logistics, ensuring swift, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.